Monitor your sites and services for free

December 06, 2017 Latencies observed in New York At we measure performance and availability of your sites and services from multiple global locations and provides the results as Prometheus metrics.

From day one we wanted to provide this service not only to businesses but also provide this service to everyone in the Prometheus community.

While this is reflected in our affordable pricing, we didn’t provide a free plan to have better control over our costs.

Until today!

We are happy to announce that we will make our Mini plan available for free!

What’s included?

The Mini Plan includes 50,000 requests/month which is ~1.14 requests/minute.

Are you concerned about the availability of your homepage? Just scrape it every 60 seconds from one of our probes for free!

Maybe you’re more interested in how your site performs in multiple global locations? If you reduce your scrape interval to 300s, you can get metrics from up to 5 regions.

You can use our Configuration Generator to understand how much requests you will spend on a given configuration.

Convinced? Sign up at and get started in minutes!