Shutting down

May 24, 2018

Hi everyone,

I’ve built believing that everbody would benefit from performance and availability metrics from real offsite locations. While many agree, fewer signed up and only a handful are on a paying plan.

It was a very interesting experience and I’ve learned a ton, yet I can’t even cover the costs of the infrastructure right now.

While my plan to build a low maintainence service worked out quite well, I’m still left with ongoing (and boring!) tax and legal concerns that can’t be just engineered away.

As you might be aware, the General Data Protection Regulation takes effect tomorow and while I’ve disabled all non-critical external services and disable request logging across the stack, making sure I’m fully in compliance is a lot more work, like signing up contracts with all 3d party providers I depend on. The additional risk would also warrant to finally incorporate some form, which again is a lot of work for a service that won’t be profitable anytime soon.

Therefor, not without a heavy heart, I hereby announce to shutdown by July 1. 2017. Let me know if you’re an existing user and the rather short shutdown notice causes trouble. In that case I might provide the probes some time longer.

As already announced earlier, I’ve open sourced the core components of the platform already and will release the remaining components soon. Although all you need to replace the probers is the official blackbox exporter.